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  1. The Koenigsegg Regera is a limited production, plug-in hybrid grand touring sports car manufactured by Swedish automotive manufacturer Koenigsegg.It was unveiled at the March 2015 Geneva Motor Show.The name Regera is a Swedish verb, meaning to reign or to rule. Koenigsegg plans to produce only 80 units of the car, all of which have been sold
  2. The Regera is constructed almost entirely out of carbon fiber and Kevlar, just like all Koenigseggs, and tips the scales at 3500 pounds, which gives it an incredible weight-to-power ratio
  3. The Koenigsegg V8 is the most downsized homologated production ICE in the world, with 220hp per liter (using regular pump gas). The compact nature of the engine means the Regera is light in weight, and therefore nimble and efficient. The Regera V8 differs slightly from our predecessor Agera engine
  4. This time I have filmed a full naked carbon fiber Koenigsegg Regera on the drag strip! You will hear the crazy acceleration sound (and yes with no gearbox so..
  5. It's the Koenigsegg Regera, the Swedish firm's 1479bhp, 1465lb ft, 250mph hybrid hypercar. And no, those figures are not a mistake. At the heart of the Regera sits broadly the same 5.0-litre.

Britský dealer vozů Koenigsegg SuperVettura začal nabízet dva nejextrémnější modely značky. Hybridní hypersport Regera, který kombinuje tři elektromotory s přeplňovaným osmiválcem, má výkon hodně přes 1500 koní, žádnou klasickou převodovku a cenovku 2,1 milionu eur, což v přepočtu dělá zhruba 57.584.000 Kč The fastest Koenigsegg ever - forever Experience The Regera The most potent 800V animal with a roar out there Watch it Online Event from Geneva The Gemera The world's first Mega-GT and Koenigsegg's first for four. More on the Gemera. The Jesko Absolut The fastest Koenigsegg ever - forever. The 2016 Koenigsegg Regera - abbreviated as Regera '16 and KoenigseggRegera2 - is a hybrid RWD hypercar featured in Forza Horizon 3 as VIP membership content, and as standard in Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 4. 1 Unlock in Forza Horizon 4 2 Synopsis 2.1 Drivetrain 2.1.1 Transmission 2.1.2 Exhaust 2.2 Platform 3 Performance 4 Statistics 5 Trivia 5.1 Game-specific 5.2 Specifications 6. The Koenigsegg Regera continues this tradition, but with innovative technology that blends outrageous speed, supreme comfort, and a unique Direct Drive experience. The Regera is to be handcrafted in an edition of just 80 vehicles at Koenigsegg's production facility in Ängelholm, Sweden. This is the first time ever that Koenigsegg will have.

The Koenigsegg Regera is offered in a single trim and comes with a power plant that includes a 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 and three electric motors with a total output of 1,489 hp and 1,475 lb-ft of. The Koenigsegg Agera is a mid-engine sports car produced by Swedish car manufacturer Koenigsegg.It is a successor to the CCX/CCXR.The name comes from the Swedish verb 'agera' which means to act or in imperative form (You) act!. It was named Hypercar of the Year in 2010 by Top Gear magazine. The Agera RS variant became the world's fastest production car in 2017, setting a record with a GPS.

Koenigsegg Regera (2015) Koenigsegg Regera je plug-in hybridní velký sportovní cestovní vůz vyráběný švédskou automobilkou Koenigsegg. Byl představen na autosalonu v Ženevě v březnu 2015. Jméno Regera je švédské sloveso, což znamená panovat nebo vládnout The Koenigsegg Regera is a hybrid hypercar sporting 5.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 and 3 electric motors producing 1,797 hp max Power. The car only has one gear with the Engine effiectively running in the highest gear and 3 electric motors providing power at lower engine rpm, Koenigsegg calls this system 'Direct-Drive Koenigsegg's Regera hypercar is special in a lot of ways. But perhaps the most interesting part of the car is the fact that it doesn't have a transmission.The twin-turbo V8 sends power to three.

Koenigsegg Regera, finished in Apple Red (candy) with carbon details. This 1:43 scale replica is a handcrafted collector's model made from resin. Delivered on a display stand with transparent plexiglass and certificate. The Koenigsegg Regera (Swedish for to reign or to rule) is a plug-in hybrid targa-top hypercar created by Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg and unveiled at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show. 1 Description 2 Asphalt 9: Legends 2.1 Performance 2.2 Availability 2.2.1 Special Event 3 Asphalt 8: Airborne 3.1 Summary 3.2 Performance & Usage 3.3 Price 3.4 Research & Development 4. Koenigsegg Automotive AB je švédská automobilka vyrábějící automobily s vysokým výkonem, která původně sídlila v městě Olofström, odkud se nejdřív přestěhovala do Margretetorpu, poblíž Ängelholmu.Společnost založil v roce 1994 Christian von Koenigsegg s cílem vyrábět supersportovní automobily.Automobily měly být dvousedadlové s motorem uprostřed a s pevnou. Classic soft Koenigsegg t-shirt in black with Regera logo printed across the chest. Koenigsegg logo embroidered in the neck. 100% organic cotto

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Upgrade level Rank Acceleration Top speed Handling Nitro Total speed Stock: S1749 S1862 1.55 s 444.2 km/h 275.9 mph 1.296 Gs 49.4 km/h 30.7 mp The first ever Koenigsegg, the CC8S, had the world's most powerful production engine at the time, at 655hp. Today, Koenigsegg offers new cars from the 1160hp Agera RS to the 1500hp Regera. Who drives Koenigsegg cars: Koenigsegg cars are sold around the world The Koenigsegg Regera Has the Strongest Torque Converter Ever Made That's what happens when you have 1475 lb-ft of torque and no transmission. By Brian Silvestr

British Racing Green Carbon Koenigsegg Regera in Dubai. Highlighted. The first customer Regera. After the two prototypes: the production spec car and the first prototype, and 2 years of development, the 80 Regeras (all of which are pretty much spoken for) start rolling out of the factory in Ängelholm.The first customer 1,500-horsepower hybrid is presented here in a well known sports car livery Koenigsegg Regera je mix luxusního GT a supersportu. V nabídce švédského výrobce má doplňovat ostré a trochu spartánské modely. Je to spíše Bugatti Veyron než okruhová hračka, ale i přes velmi složitý hybridní pohon je Regera poměrně lehké auto Koenigsegg Regera 2016 Model From: Naturalmotion and Zynga Converted to GTA5 by: ANSWER - HQ body and interior - Support Paintjobs - Real open door mode (requires script) - Automatic wing script link: Thanks to the script provided by extrememodder191 & Just_Riko 点我去下载脚本 That's all Enjoy it KOENIGSEGG DEALS Agera, Regera, CCR, CCX & Jesko. Koenigsegg - a name that since its inception has burned itself into the mind of every car enthusiast with multiple world records. With vehicles like the Agera, Regera, CCR, CCX or the Jesko, Koenigsegg always emphazised the use of the most advanced technology

Koenigsegg > Regera WLTP, MPG, Fuel consumption Select the motor type for the year. Ads. 2016 - 2018 Regera 5.0. Ads Model Fuel Consumption Koenigsegg Regera (1510 hp) 2016-2017 AWD Automatic Euro6. 10.0 lt/100km (28 MPG) 15.6 lt/100km (18 MPG) 2016. The Regera was created and designed to be a more practical, luxury, hypercar alternative to the rest of Koenigsegg's lightweight hypercar lineup, including the Agera RS and the One:1. Koenigsegg states that the Regera will be the most powerful and fastest accelerating production car ever The Regera is Koenigsegg's most luxurious hypercar but that is not its main quality as it was developed with mind-blowing performance in mind. The monstrous force of the hybrid powertrain is. The Regera is powered by a conventional 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, which is boosted by three electric motors. The total output is around 1500 hp and 1500 lb-ft of torque. Instead of a conventional transmission, the car uses what Koenigsegg calls Direct Drive Koenigsegg presented the drive concept for the first time with the plug-in hybrid model Regera. To make the concept work, three electric motors work together with a very powerful V8 biturbo engine. The five-liter gasoline engine acts on the rear wheels, while a 218 hp electric motor is additionally mounted on the crankshaft

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  1. 2019 Koenigsegg Regera $ 3,499,000 124 Miles Koenigsegg Chicago is Proud to Present this 2019 Koenigsegg Regera Finished in Stunning Red Tinted Clear Carbon over Roe Deer Full Leather Interior
  2. This year, one of the 80 Regera units was delivered to a YouTuber named Zach Lewis - a one-of-a-kind Koenigsegg Regera that's supposedly inspired by the Agera RS Naraya. Lewis took three years.
  3. The Koenigsegg Regera's record-setting 0-250-0 mph run was the talk of the auto world late last month, largely because the hypercar needed only 31.49 seconds to do it
  4. The Koenigsegg Regera 'CSR Edition' Ghost Package performs in Top 50 in the current ranking list of all Tier 5 cars. Below you will find the best tune settings, what time boosts several Stage 6 parts will give you and also the optimal shift pattern to use with the tunes
  5. Video: Koenigsegg Regera and Agera FE at Goodwood Festival of Speed. Read more 2018-03-29 Koenigsegg at the 2018 New York International Auto Show. Read more 2018-03-05 Koenigsegg: Past, Present and Future at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. Read more 2017-08-17 Koenigsegg at Monterey Car Week 2017
  6. Koenigsegg Gear is the official merchandise outlet for Koenigsegg Automotive AB, bringing you the very best clothing and Koenigsegg memorabilia.. As every single detail of a Koenigsegg car is measured against our continuing goal: to enhance vehicle performance

The fastest Koenigsegg ever - forever. Experience. The Regera The most potent 800V animal with a roar out there. Experience. Online event from Geneva. Watch it. KOENIGSEGG AUTOMOTIVE AB. 262 74 Ängelholm, Sweden +46 431 45 44 60 info@koenigsegg.com. CAREERS PRES First Uploaded: August 12, 2016 Last Updated: August 13, 2016 Last Downloaded: 3 days ag The Swedish-automaker Koenigsegg has recently started producing a series of short films, with their latest featuring the Regera. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Koenigsegg has dipped its toe in the. Koenigsegg Regera - Upgrades - Blueprints - Import Parts - Rank - Stats - Performance - Class S - Car List - Info - Pictures - asphalt 9 Koenigsegg Regera The new Koenigsegg Regera is specifically designed to be a luxury Megacar alternative to Koenigsegg's traditional extreme, light weight, race-like road cars. The Koenigsegg Regera combines a powerful twin-turbo V8 combustion engine with three electric motors and cutting edge battery power via new powertrain technology called Koenigsegg Direct.

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The Regera's Legendary Golden Cup was available between October 12-15 2018. A 1/2 mile time of 9.246 is required to complete the event. Completion of the Golden Cup is required to unlock the Koenigsegg Regera CSR Edition Ghost Package's Evolution Cup. The Evolution Cup requires a 1/2 mile time of 8.669 to obtain the car The Koenigsegg Regera is the ultimate conquest when it comes to hyper-cars or mega-cars. When combining its traditional horsepower with a boost it gets from electric energy, the Regera puts out a total combined horsepower of 1,500. It's one of the fastest cars on the road, and the only thing that might be faster is another Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg's second 'megacar', the Regera, has been revealed at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The Regera packs technologies never before seen in one of Koenigsegg's products, enabling it to. The 0-400-0 km/h (0-248.5-0 mph) test is an absolutely brutal test of a car's acceleration and braking capabilities, and Koenigsegg has been all over it in recent years. Bugatti may have started. The KOENIGSEGG REGERA is a limited production, plug-in hybrid Supercar manufactured by Swedish manufacturer of high-performance sports cars KOENIGSEGG. It was unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The name Regera is a Swedish verb, meaning to reign or to rule. Only 80 supercars have been built. The REGERA was created and designed to be a more practical, luxury, hypercar.

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On Monday, September 23 rd, a Koenigsegg Regera accelerated from 0 to 400 km/h and back to 0 in 31.49 seconds at Råda airfield close to the town of Lidköping. The car was driven by Koenigsegg factory driver Sonny Persson. Almost two years ago Koenigsegg set a new 0-400-0 km/h record using a production Agera RS in Nevada Koenigsegg Regera and Agera RS with blue carbon finish, gold accents meet This is one of the most expensive two-car meetups we've seen so far. By Jacob Oliva 30 October 2020. 02:16 Races and Chases. Koenigsegg Regera exhibits mind-boggling acceleration up to 186 mp

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Koenigsegg has beaten its own 0-400-0 km/h (0-249-0 mph) world record, this time with the Regera. In nearly ideal weather conditions, with almost unmeasurable side wind, 16C (61F) temperature and. [2018 Koenigsegg Regera] Motor Trend 6/2018 test results (the 6/18 date refers to the date the results were reported; these will be published in the 7/18 issue): 0-30 mph = 1.1 s 0-40 mph = 1.5 Tons of awesome Koenigsegg Regera wallpapers to download for free. You can also upload and share your favorite Koenigsegg Regera wallpapers. HD wallpapers and background image

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Koenigsegg Regera Foto: Martin Žemlička, Novinky Koenigsegg Regera: extrémní hybrid zvládne 0-400 km/h pod 20 sekund Regeru, jednu z mála utajených ženevských premiér využívající technický základ z dřívějšího medelu Agera, pohání čtveřice motorů The Regera will be handcrafted in only 80 examples. Apart from being a suitable production run for Koenigsegg´s newly upgraded and refurbished production facility, the number 80 also symbolizes the principle of domination, control and achievement in Pythagorean Numerology

Last year, we saw the Koenigsegg Regera at the Geneva Motor Show and we were knocked off our feet. Koenigsegg, a brand that had previously said it had no interest in building hybrids, introduced a. First Koenigsegg finished in Koenigsegg Naked Carbon (KNC) Edit: Info: Nose, beside Koenigsegg crest, damaged on Koenigsegg Owners Tour, September 2020. Date: 04-10-2020 15:52 they have purchased the regera: xkkr_mw : 14-12-2018 21:32 . Location.

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The Regera is a standalone model in Koenigsegg's lineup, but builds on what the team learned and achieved with the Agera and Agera RS. Thus, Christian Von Koenigsegg has created a car that is. Koenigsegg Regera at the New York International Auto Show NYIAS (26453885677).jpg 7,952 × 5,304; 22.99 MB Koenigsegg Regera Back Genf 2018.jpg 5,273 × 3,524; 11.49 MB Koenigsegg Regera Genf 2018.jpg 5,342 × 3,569; 13.29 M Koenigsegg Regera is specifically designed to be a luxury Megacar alternative to Koenigsegg's traditional extreme, light weight, race-like road cars. The Koenigsegg Regera combines a powerful twin-turbo V8 combustion engine with three electric motors and cutting edge battery power via new powertrain technology called Koenigsegg Direct Drive The Koenigsegg Regera is the Swedish hypercar manufacturer's interpretation of the perfect GT car offering customers a more comfortable and plush experience when compared to other more hardcore.

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Koenigsegg claims it can hit 62 mph in 2.8 seconds and 249 mph in 20 seconds. Only 80 Regeras were produced, so if you didn't have an order in, it's definitely too late. The Regera moves fast. Koenigsegg plans to build 80 Regera models over a five-year production run, with the first deliveries beginning later this year. The Regera's starting price is widely reported to be around US$1.9. regera-1 Service & Parts We have access to all the latest software updates, factory bulletins, and parts designs so that we can make sure that your car meets all of its factory specifications The Regera also comes with crushed diamonds in the lacquer used, giving it a different shine than the Naraya. Celebrities And Koenigseggs: Shmee150 Unleashes Koenigsegg Agera One of 1 On.

Posted Nov 06, 2018: KOENIGSEGG ONE:1 (4in1) Original author unknown updated/edited by Steve Stirpe. Posted Nov 06, 2018: KOENIGSEGG REGERA by Markos Kass updated/edited by UPO. This site was designed with the .com. website builder. Create your website today Watch Also: Discover What Goes Into Making A One-Of-One Koenigsegg Regera. The clip also offers us a detailed look at the engine and boy, what a powertrain it is. Situated behind the passenger. The Koenigsegg Regera continues this tradition, but with innovative technology that blends outrageous speed, supreme comfort, and a unique Direct Drive experience. Regera is Swedish for to Reign - a suitable name for a machine that offers an unforeseen combination of power, responsiveness, and luxury A 8 Wide Lego Speed Champions Koenigsegg Regera with opening doorsMoc features Fits 2 minifigs Has an opening door LEGO MOC MOC-55327 Koenigsegg Regera - building instructions and parts list LOGI Koenigsegg boss Christian von Koenigsegg has confirmed that customers awaiting a Regera will be offered an experience in a development car in the coming months, ahead of deliveries commencing

Koenigsegg Regera 1521 PS Technical Data Sheet: specifications & performance figures (top speed, acceleration, quarter mile, 0 to 100 mph, standing start, recovery, braking, lap time) to compare with direct competitors Koenigsegg Automotive AB Yesterday at 3:20 AM · The Regera - an extreme performance machine that's also just as forgiving and controlled for everyday driving

Koenigsegg Regera: z 0-400 km/h za 20 sekund! Nebudeme obcházet kolem horké kaše - Koenigsegg prostě vyrobil další brutální model. Tentokrát má 1500 koní.Jmenuje se Regera - švédsky reger znamená vláda - a nic jiného než nadvláda se od ní nedá čekat The AUTOart Koenigsegg Regera is another good effort from AUTOart. Those that are looking for a fully accessible replica can now enjoy one at a decent price in comparison to immediate competitors. An array of colours are to become available too, read the AUTOart news feed to learn more The Koenigsegg Regera is a limited production, plug-in hybrid grand touring sports car manufactured by Swedish automotive manufacturer Koenigsegg. It was unveiled at the March 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The name Regera is a Swedish verb, meaning to reign. The Regera was developed and designed to be a more practical, luxurious, grand touring alternative to the rest of Koenigsegg's. The Koenigsegg Regera is the world's first hyper Grand Tour car, a more comfortable and luxurious version compared to the Agera series. It's also Koenigsegg's first hybrid car, powered by a 5.0L V8 twin turbo developing 1,100hp and 1,280 Nm of torque The Koenigsegg Regera is the 1,500bhp king of the Geneva Motor Show Time to forget everything you thought you knew about plug-in hybrids By Vlad Savov @vladsavov Mar 3, 2015, 5:17pm ES

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Koenigsegg Regera 2016 red 4K HD Desktop Wallpaper for 4KBehold the Koenigsegg Regara: the world's most powerfulNew 2021 KOENIGSEGG GEMERA For Sale (Call for price2020 Koenigsegg Jesko - specifications, photo, priceLa Koenigsegg Regera bat le record 0-400-0 km/h de l'Agera RSMonster Energy Koenigsegg Agera Front Fantasy Plastic Car
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